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Management Consultancy


Management Consultancy

  • Contractor


  • Partition systems

    System 3400, System 3500

  • Architect

    Callison RTKL

  • Door systems

    AR40, ST40, AR100

  • Fire Protection

    • Sound Insulation Partition

      Callison RTKL created a beautiful, understated, clean interior using System 3400 with sliding doors to shape the space. The design required on an open, transparent partition and door system yet high performance acoustics. The ST40 door with Rw 40dB partition met these design criteria and allowed wide, open entrances to offices whilst giving the privacy required by a top management consultant.

      The client team selected SRP during a competitive mockup. SRP constructed three offices for client and architect review. We had an independent acoustian on hand to verify the performance of the installed products with our acoustic sliding door achieving Dw 36dB.

      Our design team worked with Callison RTKL to develop the details and drawing pack. Close cordination with all contractors ensured a flawless installation.

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      • System 3400

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