Versatile, sustainable and adaptable

Welcome to TEAMBOX, a work environment that benefits everyone. One of your team can make a phone call or hold a meeting inside the TEAMBOX without being disturbed, while the rest of the team can carry on being productive without being distracted. Take employee satisfaction to the next level in your office!

Versatile, sustainable and adaptable to any scenario, the TEAMBOX gives you just the room you need for any task. Benefits include.

Ready-to-use: The TEAMBOX is delivered in just 11 sections and takes next to no time to install.

Design: The flush-mounted structural glazing makes for a high-quality design that lets natural light in from two sides.

Sustainable: The TB.1 is made of recyclable materials and offers a high degree of versatility.

Soundproofed: Team members either side of the TEAMBOX can work undisturbed thanks to excellent soundproofing and highly effective acoustic metal casing panels that ensure minimal reverberation times.

Well Ventilated: The ventilation system and the built-in floor with integrated flow ducts guarantee a pleasant room climate at all times.

Efficient: Optimum use of space for greater confidentiality and concentration

The TB.1 is the perfect space for working on a task or holding online meetings in absolute peace and quiet. Say goodbye to external distractions during video conferences and focused work.

Product Details

  • Dimensions

    L 1,600 x W 1,100 x H 2,300 mm Internal headroom: 2,100 mm

  • Acoustics

    Soundproofing: R’w 37 dB Reverberation time: < 0.5 seconds

  • Ventilation

    Soundproofed, electric ceiling vent. Air quantity infinitely adjustable up to 100 m3/h via a touch panel

  • Colour

    RAL 9016 Traffic white, matt. RAL 9005 Jet black, matt

Design and Functionality

The soundproofed TB.1 with flush-mounted glazing not only visually complements any office setting, its compact footprint also offers impressive technical functionality thanks to comfortable office furniture and an integrated ventilation system.

Download Technical Files

Teambox 1 Technical Files

Downloads are currently in development. Please contact us directly for technical files.