Our Environmental Credentials

A circular economy

The aim of a circular economy is to reuse raw materials again and again. Wherever possible without any loss of quality, thereby avoiding waste. This approach requires a product’s life cycle to be considered right at the beginning of a project: at the design stage.

As a Carbon Neutral Plus company we work to bring products to market that follow this circular economy principle. To that end, we closely examine the product and material cycle over the entire product life cycle.

To manufacture our products, we need valuable raw materials like steel, aluminium, glass and timber, which are ideal substances to be recycled back into the material cycle. Our raw materials are already made with recycled content, something we intend to expand upon in future.

Steel – Recycled steel accounts for between 90 – 100%.

Aluminium – We source our aluminium from suppliers who supply materials that average 95% recycled content.

Glass – The large glass surfaces in our partition walls and room- in-room systems mean our quality standards for glass are high, around 90% of our glass comes from recycled sources.

Timber – We only use FSC (and FSC 70% mix) and PEFC-certified timber materials.

We are ISO14001:2015 accredited.

Our partition wall systems are flexible, modular and simple to assemble so customers can easily reconfigure them as needed, allowing them to be reused multiple times throughout the product lifecycle. Such agile working spaces allow companies to keep up with their workforce as working habits change and evolve.

Our System 2000 product was the first Cradle to Cradle partitioning system in the UK. This means that the product is 100% recyclable in terms of materials and resources.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to innovate so we can ensure future generations will enjoy a future worth living.