Open plan acoustics, the future of office design

Open plan acoustics is the new frontier of office design. The acoustic reverberation of a space has a large impact on the working environment. Noise in open offices affects concentration and staff well being, yet open office environments enrich our lives with greater social interaction and encourage working collaborations.

Strahle have designed a product that preserves the open nature of an office, yet controls the sound waves that can disturb us. This is achieved with acoustic absorbers at low level to disrupt the path of sound. High level glazing creates an acoustic barrier without compromising the open nature of an office.

With System 7400 in conjunction with considered layouts, the office can be reimagined as a calmer environment yet maintaining the visual connection of the open office.

The TB.1 is the perfect space for working on a task or holding online meetings in absolute peace and quiet. Say goodbye to external distractions during video conferences and focused work.


  • Design

    Glass acoustic wall. Single glazed full height partition with wall hing sound absorber

  • Glass

    Single glazed up to 12mm toughened glass

  • Frame profiles

    Aluminium floor and head profile 50mm

  • Height

    System height up to 3.4m

  • Finish

    Metal absorber panel in PPC finish to match RAL colour. Aluminium mullion and transom. Anodised frame finish in 6 colours or PPC finish to match RAL colour

  • Acoustic performance

    Class A sound absorber. Up to Rw 32dB sound insulation

Technical details

Class A Absorber: High sound absorption where required. Ceiling panels are also used for increased reverberation control.

Perforated metal face to abosorber panel creates a easy to clean surface with all soft material beyond reach

Floating panels: No visible fixings to the panels

Freestanding: No requirement to fix to furniture gives greater planning options

Superior anodised aluminium finish as standard. We offer both PPC painted finishes and anodised aluminium finishes to our partition and door frames. The anodised finish captures the beauty of metal bringing out the soft sheen of the base material. Particularly complimentary to timber veneers. Available in six colours to give design freedom.

System can be demounted and rebuilt many times with minimal components and a long product life cycle.

  • Head detail

  • Panel detail

  • Floor profile

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Strähle Raum-Systeme redesigned their own office implementing a new vision of the future office.  Staff health, well being, efficiency and comfort were at the centre of the design.

Download Technical Files

System 7400 Technical Files

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