There’s a certain stir in the office world as businesses rethink how their spaces will be used in the future. Although we’re slowly resuming to some form of normality, the office environment has considerably changed. COVID-19 has shaken up the workplace as we knew it, and although many businesses were already a step ahead of the game in offering a flexible working model and hybrid workspace, there’s many more that are feeling left behind.

It’s clear from our recent Covid-19 report that we commissioned from a team of experts at University College London: ‘How Businesses Can Emerge Ready for the Workforce Return?’ that mid to long term there will be an increased need for varied spaces within the office floor. It’s likely that less allocated desk space will be required, and replaced with more collaborative work areas to foster communication and face-to-face team time, and private booths with the rise of video conferencing.

Ultimately business leaders and the C-suite are unclear exactly how workspaces of the future will function in 3, 5 or 10 years’ time, and as a result flexibility is their highest priority. Reconfigurable spaces have never been more critical, and SRP supports this fundamental change in office schemes by offering a breadth of flexible partition and open plan solutions, covering you for any scenario.

SRP is uniquely positioned in the world of partitioning and space division by providing a one-stop, extensive portfolio of products to meet any requirement. Acoustic performance is at the heart of all our products, but these solutions in particular support flexible, modular and sustainable approaches to design that can be easily integrated into any fit out.